“Perrin went above and beyond to help me problem solve in my business. From organizing my thoughts to teaching me more efficient techniques. She has saved me hours of work!”

- Rayna Williams, Athletic Director, The Briarwood School, Houston, TX

“Perrin Worrell is a woman who transforms ideas into realities. Collaboration comes naturally for Perrin, who both values individuals, and also believes at her core that the sum is greater than its parts. Perrin is a terrific facilitator, who can thoughtfully and productively manage a diversity of voices.”

- Stephanie Aurelio, Writer, West Hollywoods, CA

“Perrin's high energy, project management expertise, attention to detail and "can do" attitude had an immediate positive impact on our team. She is a skilled project and product manager who can easily navigate complicated tasks and deliver on time.”

- Nathan Larson, Chief Experience Officer, ImagineCare, Lebanon, NH

“Perrin transformed my wardrobe experience. I have to look professional for work but am terrible at picking out my outfits each morning. My busy and stressful schedule makes choosing what to wear in the morning a hassle and an added stressor. Perrin was patient and fine tuned my existing closet contents into an easy-to-manage capsule wardrobe. I was surprised that I only had to buy a couple of new pieces to get an updated look. I’ve had so many positive comments on my outfits since working with Perrin.”

- Sara Weber, Professional Counsellor, Austin, TX

“Working with Perrin is effective and fun. Her sparkling personality is reflected in her love for blingy accessories, and she brings that same level of passion and enthusiasm to her work with organizational management. I've been fortuante enough to work along side Perrin on several systems integration and process development projects and would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for help getting their lives, business, or closets in order!”

- Monica Yanda, Virtual Assistant, MY Virtual Support Solutions, Sodus Point, NY